Thursday, April 28, 2011


Finally got around to painting some pieces for my personal project, Muse. Anyone who has been following this blog for awhile might remember my first mention of the project on here, and finally, here is some work to show for it outside of character drawings in my sketchbook.

"Maggie sits on the floor, her knees starting to cramp under the pressure. She knows she should take a break, stretch her legs, but she's too drawn into her mother's black and white world right now, polaroids, tomes and drawings scattered around her."

"'There's too much beauty in her journals to squander it. I only want to find out more about, mother, Gerry, that's all, even if it means I pretend to be her for a bit,' Maggie insists, hiding the conflict behind her words. Her brother eyes her warily, crossing his arms as all he can do is shake his head."

"Maggie is not taking a bath, but rather the water sits around her, the scalding water prickling her skin. She used to be able to relax here, but nothing feels the same as it ever did now."

"The creative process has been eating away at her. After all, she's been playing an actress as she locks herself in her apartment and works. However, this is the first time she realizes something is wrong, when Anthony sits in the mirror and judges her for playing make-believe with a game that's not hers."

Needless to say, I've really enjoyed getting more imagery together for this project. It's been with me since my high school years, and it's changed a lot since its initial conception, so it means a lot to me that I finally am getting a feel for who Maggie, the heroine, really is. I'm discovering she's a really conflicted, much more conflicted than her idealistic counterpart in earlier iterations. Hopefully I'll get to explore this more over the summer when I am not cramming for school.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Old Painting Is New

A quick gouache study I dug up from winter break. Self portraits, of course. :)

Editorial Illustration

Just a small snippet of some of my work from Editorial Illustration class @ AIB. School has been owning me lately so not as much time as I'd like for personal illustration but what can you do?