Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dragonflies (WIP) and off-topic news

A WIP, originally started up for Photoshop class at AIB, and now it's going to be a more personal piece. Dragonflies are an important symbol in my family, so it felt important to paint at least one thing with them for school.

Also, I have exciting news--I am officially going study abroad this fall in Florence through Lorenzo D'Medici. Che bello! I'm out of the United States from September to mid-December, and I'm planning on taking everything in while in Italy. I'm also waiting to hear back from the student volunteer program at Siggraph as well. Hopefully I will hear back from them soon as April is when they notify accepted students!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Would You Like Fries With That? (Don't Eat the Ketchup, It's Not Really Ketchup)

What is the next great big horror movie coming up? Why, it's the fast-food based horror flick that is destined to be a classic:


Starring Wendy as our cowardly, teenaged heroine...

Ronald McDonald as the terrifying killer who turns his victims into Happy Meals...

And Colonel Sanders as a retired, badass veteran...

To be released...never. But at least I get some awesome redesigns out of it!

And, of course, what would designs be without sketches? Here are some of my preliminary sketches from the project!

Thumbnails (and a couple of thoughts)

Posted on the blog by the requests of my friends Elize and Danielle. I am by no means an expert on planning or composition, and I am most certainly still learning my way around the issues lying behind composition, but they both wanted to see scans of my thumbnails posted on here, so here are some of the cleaner looking ones just for them.

When I jot down thumbnails in my sketchbook, I prefer to keep them small--usually no bigger than a postage stamp or two. I only increase the size of the thumbnails when I feel I have found a composition I am willing to elaborate on. When I am thumbnailing, I tend not to worry about details. I am more concerned with the overall composition of shapes or the layout.

This saves me time, so that I don't grow attached to a composition that may not totally work. It also makes it easier for me to pick out the compositions that DO work, so that I can adapt them into finished pieces as well. Not only that, but by having these in my sketchbook, I can refer back to them in the future as well.

One might also recognize thumbnails I had created for a recent piece I finished up as well, which can be found here. I'm hoping to elaborate one more of these thumbnails soon and with spring break coming up at AIB, I'll most certainly have time!