Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Manliest Sketchbook Ever (Part 1)

I noticed looking through my sketchbook the other day that I don't draw enough male characters, and when I do, they end up looking eerily feminine. In an effort to fix that (and for my own simple amusement), I'm trying to do a quick study (from photos) every day for the next month. Here's the first three so far--hopefully I can keep this up!

All are going to be done with gouache and pencil. It's so easy to get studies done that way!

Also, I feel it is also important to mention I have a Tumblr now, which may be found here. I'm planning for it to be a more condensed version of my sketchblog here, and will probably feature more finished art in the future, so if you want more images and less rambling from me, that's the place to go!

The Train Station--WIP?

Here's a wip of a piece for my Photoshop class at AIB. It's probably about 90% done right now but I figured I'd post it anyway, because I need more perspective work in my life!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dr. Sketchy's Boston--2/13

I was fortunate enough to have enough homework done to attend a Dr. Sketchy's session in Boston on the 13th. I honestly don't know why I've never gone before. It's fabulous fun and I definitely want to go again. My initial gestures were not so glamorous looking, but once I was able to get into my Moleskin with my ballpoint pen that's when things got really interesting--it was refreshing not having to worry about realism, really.

This above sketch tied for Drawing of the Night, along with my friend, Linda's, drawing for the contest, which was to simply add a setting to the models. Clearly, walruses rule all.

All in all, a good break from the monotony of still life and perspective projects this semester at school!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quick character sketches

More of my sketchbook time has been taken up with prepping for schoolwork and uninteresting landscape thumbnails (which has actually been direly needed, but I digress), but here are some characters I've doodled recently as well.

Piece of useless trivia #1: This is my version of the Starbucks Siren/Mermaid/whatever she is. I also might just have an idea that intrigues me enough to pursue it for my Junior Studio class--maybe do a series of reinterpretations of famous characters/logos from restaurants and such franchises in the US. Maybe.

Piece of useless trivia #2: The zombie's face was inspired by Mike Rowe. Yes, the Dirty Jobs guy.

I am excited for this semester, but I have a feeling it is not going to leave me with as much time to make decent/more finished pieces in my sketchbook like I used to have time for. My schedule's pretty booked this semester--I've got a photoshop class, painting, editorial illustration, mixed media drawing and the previously mentioned Junior Studio in the works. Good for my art production, of course, and fabulous for personal challenge and growth, not so fabulous for my sketchbook/personal studies.

Ink Experiments

Here's an excerpt of some ink experiments from class, trying to draw with non-traditional tools. Some of the tools included a straw, a coffee stirrer, a plastic fork and paper towels. I don't imagine I'll make art like this my full-time job, but it's a lot of fun to experiment like this where I don't have to worry about making a literal subject on the paper. I imagine I'll use these for texture on my digital art as needed.