Sunday, January 23, 2011

Leftovers from last semester

While cleaning out my art drives, I did manage to find some leftover photos of paintings from my Opaque Media class last semester at AIB on my camera.

First, we have Maple Syrup, a children's novel about a boy and his dog, coincidentally named Maple Syrup, chase down a mutated octopus that recently escaped from Caspian Lake (that's in Greensboro, Vermont, for those who wish to know). Admittedly not my best piece composition-wise, but I did dig the looseness of the paint and I got the more children-friendly look I was going for.

Second, the final for the class, which was an assignment done in gouache. The assignment was to create a small book consisting of 5-6 pages of work telling a story of our own choosing. I chose to create a sketchbook from the view of one of my own characters, Maggie.

She is the daughter of a writer, her mother, who recently passed away. She comes across her mother's sketchbooks, which describe the adventures of an English noble circa the 1800s as he chases down dragons and goblins. Maggie decides to undertake a project that would include finishing her mother's story and publishing it. However, as Maggie begins to work, she realizes just how little she knew about her mother, and as one can imagine, this project doesn't end so well.

Because of the nature of the assignment for class, I was unable to scan the pages, as they are bound in Japanese-style stitching (and with copper wire no less), however I did take some decent photos of some of the pages.

I felt this project in particular was the most gratifying out of all the assignments I had last semester. As someone who studied animation, a rather strange medium where acting is required on the part of the artist, I've always wanted to try finding a way to combine my love of painting and illustration with that flair of drama. Not only did I manage to create a visually interesting piece of work for myself, but I found out just that much more about my characters, Maggie in particular, just by assuming another role, another identity, as I was working. I guess it'd be method acting, to those whom act for a living. I expect to work on some more concept art for this particular project this semester, so be on the lookout for that on the blog.