Monday, December 20, 2010

oh no, Sara rambles about paint

9x12. Oil on canvas board. Took about 3 hours. I don't know why the model ended up looking like David Bowie and Tim Curry's fictitious child, he just did. I want to eventually go back in the future and paint over some of this/refine it and whatnot.

12x9. Oil on canvas board. About 3 hours total. The parsnip is probably my favorite part in all of this.

As one can see from the level of quality in the oils compared to the other mediums I use, I am still kind of new to oils but I really dig them. I have a habit of mixing my colors right on the canvas to blend, which is really bad for other paints, but awesome for oils since they take so long to dry. I can't bring my oils home from school over the winter break, but I have the ever awesome gouache stashed away in my suitcase at the moment and I plan on making full use of it, if not just to continue practicing color before my painting class in the spring (which is going to be oil based).

Over all though, after trying a good variety of paints over the semester, I have to say the oils and the gouache are probably my favorites. They both have the most flexibility for me in terms of how I can mix my colors and how I apply my paint. Watercolor is pretty nice too, but even with a hair dryer I am too impatient to go back in and layer colors and values. I can get like this with oils as well, to be fair, but at least the colors dry like how I place them down instead of lighter (like watercolors). With gouache, I can get the best of both worlds--light washy layers with quick drying and colors that don't warp as they dry. Fabulous!

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