Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Character WIP Excerpts

I dug these up the other day while I was going through my artwork from the semester at school and I thought I'd share them on my blog here. This is the process I went through to create the three characters for my independent project for my Fashion and Body Adornment class at AIB this semester, which was a study in arms and armor.

These are just a couple of the pages (from out of about 10-15) I had from reference material I drew using photo reference and historical reference:

At that point, I wasn't worried about rendering or detail. I just wanted to focus on the shapes that the armor created as they are manipulated to fit around the different sections of the body.

The next step was to create silhouettes for the characters. First, I generated silhouettes from the different armor types I found, however I soon discovered that I could pull characters based on the different shapes I had created. I know as someone who wants to design characters, that shape plays a big role in defining a character, but I guess it had never clicked with me before this project.

The above character silhouettes are for the female character, I created, Rebecca (which you can view here and here on the blog). I made a separate page of silhouettes for each character, obviously.

The last step before I created the final character design was to do a mock-up sketch of a front, side and back view, such as this:

And for posterity's sake, I am reposting the final version of Rebecca so that this cycle is complete:

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